LinkedIn needs a “liar” button

In Their Dreams LinkedIn liars

Today on LinkedIn, one of their recommended stories was “How Job Candidates Lie, and the Best Lies They Always Seem to Tell.” It’s somewhat ironic that such a post is featured on a professional networking site that’s packed full of lies (or liars, depending on how you want to look at it). I often come across over-stated titles, inflated skills lists, and requests to endorse connections for abilities they completely lack. When I do, I long for a big, red, flashing “LIAR” button.


It seems strange that people would pad their online resume and then anxiously connect with past and present co-workers that would instantly recognize their overstatements and omissions.

“Wow, you’ve been a Vice President for ten years at the same company? Impressive! But wait, what about those seven years you spent as the assistant there prior to your promotion?”*

“Oh hello former assistant. Glad to see you’re in the job market again. Wow, you worked for me until June of this year? That’s strange, I remember firing you in October…of 2005!”*

*Titles and situations have been altered to protect the guilty.

In the article I mentioned above, author Tim Sackett believes that “candidates continue to lie because Talent/HR Pros don’t call them out on it,” and I believe that the same is true on LinkedIn. If LinkedIn would provide a way for users to anonymously report suspected “errors,” just the existence of such a feature might cause users to think twice when creating their own profile.


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